© 2008 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. A view from the front steps Sculptural detail near the roofline Passion Amazing scuptural work of Subirachs Front door exterior type A religious icon Singed by the artist Stacked Detail of some tile work in progress Progress M Ceiling with just the beginnings of some tile work Each piece is carefully moved through the many stages of finishing Artist applying some very fine details Built by hands of artisans The relative scale of it all, favourite shot of mine inside this temple More in progress The tools of the trade Special bracing created to get the smooth angles and transitions Stained glass peering around from the background Precision I love seeing behind-the-scenes, this space is a living sculpture A few sculptures in their finished state around the side of the main structure, beautiful textures The underground is home to the plans, models and history of this massive work of art I love the symmetry and simple details Mint B Decibel Dragon